• Pic-nic for two...$$43

    Coliflor Frito, BLTA, Super Burrito, 8 oz Prebatched Margarita

  • Dinner for Two...$$50

    Cesar Salad, Super Burrito, Enchiladas, 2 8oz sangria Cans

  • Taco Dinner Combo...$$45

    Cesar Salad, 16 oz carnitas, Rice, Beans, 6 tortillas. The "works": onion, pickled cabbage, cashew cream. Salsa

  • Brunch for Two...$42

    Chimichanga, French Toast and 2 Mimosas. Available weekends from 11am to 3pm


  • Mole Enchiladas...$$15

    Two rolled tortillas filled with potato and zucchini. Mole, Cashew Cream, cilantro. Served with rice and beans. * This item is served cold

  • Jackfruit Carnitas...$$16

    Jackfruit Carnitas, tortillas, cabbage, onion, cashew cream. Served with beans. * Served cold

  • Potato & Chorizo Hash...$$11

    Roasted potatoes and soy chorizo, avocado, cashew nacho cheese, cilantro. Chips. * Served cold