Happy Hour

Bebidas $5

Sangria... $5

Your Choice of Red or White Wine

Albet I Noya Tempranillo, Spain... $5

Powerful aromas of cherry and floral notes of rose and blackberry

Badger Mountain Chardonnay,Columbia Valley ... $5

Crip and clean with tropical fruit aromas and sweetened grapefruit finish

Margarita de la casa... $8

Tequila reposado,fresh lime, orange bitters and agave nectar.

A la Carta

Tostada... $5.25

Escabeche Tostada: with black beans, guacamole, cashew nacho cheese and cilantro.

Tacos... $5.25

Your Choice of: * Cauliflower Taco: with spicy cashew cheese * Jackfruit Carnitas Taco: With crispy onions, cabbage and cashew crema.

Gordita... $5.25

Lightly fried potato masa cake topped with warm salsa verde avocado and cashew crema

Nachos... $9

Tortilla chips topped with refried black beans, soy chorizo, pico de gallo, guacamole, cashew cream and cilantro.

Quesadilla... $6.5

Your option of Sweet Potato or Potato and Chorizo